The day became aSingle Mom...

See, close to 20 years ago, my husband left me for another woman. I went through this terrible divorce, which left me and my three teenage boys’ futures in question.

I turned into a single mom with no one beside me. 

No one to help share the responsibility of raising my kids. When my boys were leaning against me. I just held them back cause they were the only ones who “I” could lean on.

I turned into the only breadwinner of the household.

And with the little salary that I had at that time. It wasn’t enough to feed 3 growing teenage boys, nevertheless myself.

I had to put my survival mode on…

I became a maniac looking for different ways to generate more money. But after constant trial and error in different things.

(By God’s grace. 🙏)

I stumbled upon Real Estate Investing.

Since then I’ve walked an incredible journey that I never could have possibly imagined.

-I’ve bought and sold over 35 different properties. 

-Found my new hobby in travelling the world

-Learned from Kevin Harrington, Robert G Allen, Sunil Tulsiani and many more.

But out of all those things I did, what brings me the greatest pride and joy… 

(I get emotional when I say this…)

I was able to put my three boys through University. 

[2 Doctors and 1 MBA]

I knew the power of education and knowledge cause I never had that privilege or had the capabilities to go to university myself.

That’s why I made the decision, that no matter what I needed to do. I would put my 3 boys through University so they could have a better future.

And I did just that. Without the help of anyone by my side.


I am extremely grateful for the journey that life presented me.

So as a way to give back…

I’m using this channel as a medium to connect with people that may or may not have gone through what I went through. 

And ultimately, I want to show that going through a divorce is not the end. 



Still here?




It’s not every day you have the chance to connect with like-minded people who want to take charge of their future, so they can have the capabilities to care for their loved ones.


I want to get to know you a bit more.

Tell me your story?  

Could be a few sentences or paragraphs. I will try my best to respond to every message. But if I don’t get back to your question in a timely matter. 


Please forgive me. 


It doesn’t have to be anything that you’re not comfortable in sharing. It could be anything that you have an interest in learning more about. 

This would help me cater my teachings to your needs.

And don’t worry. We’re not in school anymore where we look stupid or embarrassed if we ask a bad question.

Cause there’s no such thing as a bad question.


If you’re dealing with a certain issue, please let me know. Most likely other people are having the same problems as well.

It would be a disservice not only for yourself to do that. But for everyone else as well.

So, just share 😊



I want to clear some air about how you pronounce my name.


My name’s pronounced ‘SAAD NHAA’

And not “SAD” – “HANA”

(I get that a lot…)

Matter of fact I’m nothing close to being a “SAD” Hana. I’m actually quite the opposite.

My 3 boys, friends, family, investors, mentors, renters, lenders and students…

…would probably give me the title of a “Social Butterfly” 🙂

I love talking and getting to know people. Love building incredible relationships while having lots of fun investing in Real Estate, I have even more fun and joy teaching others to do the same.



That’s it for now.




Sadhana “Social Butterfly” Sabharwal

The Single Mom Millionaire

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